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Finding and Using GIS Data

The AGS Library's Guide to Finding GIS data and working with it for your specific project needs

Business Database


Data Axle Reference Solutions


About: "Data Axle Reference Solutions provides profiles for over 16 million U.S. businesses, including publicly-traded companies, private companies and branches of these companies. The database also includes other types of entities, such as home-based businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Each profile includes contact information, business description, corporate linkage/subsidiaries (if applicable), management listing, and more. Use the Advanced Search to generate company lists based on geography, industry, ownership type, and more" (UWM Libraries).

Data Available: Data can be downloaded as Heat maps, Charts, and CSV/Excel files

Topics Include: Company Name, Executives, Business Type, Geography, Phone, Business Size, Ownership, and Financial Data

How to Use Data Axle Reference Solutions

How to use Data Axle Reference Solutions

This tutorial shows you the steps to download data from Data Axle Reference Solutions. In this example, I will be downloading shopping centers in Milwaukee County. 


1. Navigate to

2. Click "Advanced Search"

3. "Business Type" and "Geography" are the most useful categories for our purposes.

4. First, lets filter by location and choose Wisconsin and Milwaukee County.


5. Next, we can look for shopping centers. To do this click "Keyword/SIC/NAICS" under the "Business Type" section.



6. After selecting Shopping Centers, you can view results on the top right. This will give you all shopping centers in Milwaukee County.

7. Click "Download"

Downloading Data

In order to get data that can be used in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro we have to get latitude and longitude.

1. After clicking "Download", you will presented with this page:

2. Click "Detailed" to include all the business data; however, if you want specific columns you can choose "Custom" and select "Latitude" and "Longitude".

3. Click "Download Records" to receive your data.

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