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Finding and Using GIS Data

The AGS Library's Guide to Finding GIS data and working with it for your specific project needs

Community Mapping and Analysis for Safety Strategies (COMPASS)

This page is under construction.  Crime and Accident data is no longer available through the COMPASS platform.

Crime data is now available through the City of Milwaukee Open Data Portal.  Accident data is also available through the Open Data Portal but is not as robust as what was formerly available through the COMPASS platform.  If you need Accident data, please make a data request and the AGSL can request the data directly from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

COMPASS details

Datasets: Wisconsin Incident Based Report (WIBR) Group A Offenses, Traffic Incidents, MFD Dispatch Calls, Statistics by District (alderman, police, neighborhood strategic planning), Property, Parcel/Ownership, Census 2010, Liquor License, Open Property Violations, Community Partners, Exempt Properties, Demographic Data Report, Community Housing Survey  


About: COMPASS is a community based collaboration intended to give a clear picture of how problems and opportunities are interrelated by sharing data. It is the City of Milwaukee's crime and traffic accident data portal, providing relevant data that effects public safety.

COMPASS general instructions

These are steps specific to searching crime data:

1) Navigate to COMPASS

2) Hover over 'Public Applications' to find 'Query and Download'


3) Agree to disclaimer and log in with the credentials provided by COMPASS:

         User Name: address​     Password: user

4) Locate the navigation bar at the top of the page, hover over 'Searches' to select how you would like to search the data (i.e. police districts are broken into 7 districts, you will need to download these individually)


5) Choose format 'Excel (CSV)' to download the data in a spreadsheet or choose 'Screen' to view within the browser


6) Choose your date range


7) If seeking crime data, select Wisconsin Incident Based Report (WIBR) Group A Offenses, select 'Detailed Data' (as opposed to Summary, which will give you aggregate data).


*For documentation about COMPASS data, or a more detailed how-to guide, see Documentation section in the left hand column of this libguide