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Finding and Using GIS Data

The AGS Library's Guide to Finding GIS data and working with it for your specific project needs


 Cartographic Theory

Title Availability
The Look of Maps - Arthur Robinson, 1952                                                            Online access via UWM Libraries
How Maps Work - Alan MacEachren, 1995 Check out via UWM Libraries
Vision: A Computational Investigation into the Human Representation and Processing of Visual Information - David Marr, 1982 Online access via UWM Libraries
39 Studies about Human Perception in 30 Minutes Presentation Notes
Information Visualization: Perception for Design - Colin Ware, 2012 Online access via UWM Libraries
It's About Time: A Conceptual Framework for the Representation of Temporal Dynamics in Geographic Information Systems - Donna Peuquet, 1994  Online access available via UWM Libriaries
How to Lie with Maps - Mark Monmonier, 1991                                                        Check out via UWM Libraries


Title Format
Photoshop CC 2015 Essential Training                                          Lynda Training


Title Format
Illustrator CC 2017 Essential Training  Lynda Training
Setting up ArcMap for Export to Adobe Illustrator YouTube Video
Multivariate Choropleth Mapping with ArcMap and Illustrator  YouTube Video
Illustrator 101 - Guides and Smart Guides Blog Post
The Power of Smart Guides Blog Post

Cartography Basics

Title Format
Ten Things to Consider when Making a Map                                                 Blog Post
Making Better Maps Presentation Slides
The Anatomy of a Web Map Presentation Slides
Maptime Boston's Cartographic Design Tips Github Guide
100 Design Tips for Cartographers Blog

Vector vs. Raster

Title Format
Raster (Bitmap) vs Vector Blog Post    
How to Explain Raster vs. Vector to Your Clients Blog Post
File Formats Guide


Title Format
The Basics of Data Classification Guide
Classification                                                                                                Wikipedia Page
Telling the Truth Blog Post
Classification Schemes Guide


Title Format
MapShaper                                         Web Tool

Level of Measurement

Title Format
Level of Measurement: Nominal, Ordinal, and Numerical Data Guide                 

Standardizing Data

Title Format
Standardizing Data                           Guide  

Thematic Mapping

Title   Format
What are Thematic Maps?            Guide
Univariate Maps Versus Multivariate Maps Guide
Choropleth Maps  Guide
Dot Density Maps Guide
Proportional Symbols Guide
Bivariate Choropleth Guide
Proportional Labels Guide
Value-by-Alpha Maps Guide
Value-by-Alpha Andy Woodruff Blog Post
Value-by-Alpha Maps: An Alternative to the Cartogram Journal Article


Title   Format
Using Colors on Thematic Maps Guide            
ColorBrewer Web Tool
Paletton Web Tool
Colordot Web Tool
Adobe Color CC Web Tool
Your Friendly Guide to Colors for Data Visualization Blog Post
Color Hex Color Codes Guide


Title   Format
Labeling and Text Hierarchy in Cartography Guide
Practical Cartography: 8 Tips for Better Typography Blog Post      


Title   Format
Noun Project                                       Web Tool
Maki Icons Web Tool


Title   Format
Map Projections                                                                                    Guide
Projection Wizard Web Tool
Datum and Projection Guide
Defining a Projection Guide
Projections and Coordinate Systems for the Modern Mapper Presentation Slides Web Tool
Projection Face! Web Tool
Kartograph Map Projections Web Tool


Title   Format
Intro to QGIS: Make a Map                                                                       Presentation Slides
Making a Map Step by Step Tutorial
QGIS Cartography Presentation Slides


Title   Format
Visual Hierarchy                           Guide

Digital Terrain Rendering

Title   Format
How to Create Illuminated Contours, Tanaka-Style Blog Post
Creating Swiss-Style Shaded Relief in Photoshop Guide
Shaded Relief Tutorials List of Tutorials
Elastic Terrain Web Tool
Relief Shading Techniques Guide
Create great looking hillshaded maps in QGIS Blog Post