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Finding and Using GIS Data

The AGS Library's Guide to Finding GIS data and working with it for your specific project needs

AGSL's Aerial Photograph Finder

AGSL's Aerial Photograph Finder details

Datasets: Aerial photographs


About: The AGSL's Aerial Photograph Finder is a web map application that contains nearly 9,000 individual footprints of aerial photographs for the state of Wisconsin dating from 1936 to 2015. The photographs are represented as polygons on the web map, full resolution photographs can be obtained by submitting the 'File ID' in a 'Data Request Form' (see STEP 5 below). The photographs will be sent via email.

*Photographs labeled 'UWM' in the 'Access' field are restricted to UWM faculty and students only.

AGSL's Aerial Photograph Finder general instructions

1) Navigate to the Aerial Photograph Finder

2) To perform a spatial search


3) To perform a text search


4) Combined a text and spatial search


5) ‚ÄčTo request photographs, copy and paste the 'File ID' for each photograph you would like into the 'DATA REQUEST FORM' link at the top of the page and submit. Alternatively, you can 'Export to CSV file' your results by clicking the three dot button located at the top of the 'Results' tab