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An internal resource page used for training and getting started with LibGuides at the UWM Libraries.

Using Tables

Using Tables

Charts and tables can be used to help organize data in a clear and manageable fashion. If you are using tables and charts, ensure you have headers and labels. These headers will allow screen readers to differentiate between data, labels, and understand the relationship between the data.  


Textbook Price and Course Enrollment




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Not register for a specific course 


Earn a poor grade because I could not afford to buy the textbook 


Drop a course 


Fail a course because I could not afford to buy the textbook 

Pasting a table into LibGuides

Steps for Ensuring Proper Table Format and Accessibility

Follow these steps to ensure your table utilizes headings and fits within the page. If you are building a table in LibGuides, skip step 1.

Step 1. Pasting in the table

To paste a table into LibGuides, use the "Paste from Word" option in the Rich Text/HML box editor. The "Paste from Word" is located next to the Undo button and is highlighted below.

Rich Text Editor with highlight over "paste from Word"

Step 2: Opening the table properties editor

Once you've pasted your table into the editor, you can specify your table headers using the "Table Properties" drop down option. This is found by right clicking anywhere within the table. 

Right click within the table to open the "table properties" editor

Step 3: Giving your table headers

In Table Properties, you can specify headers for your table as First Row, First Column, or Both.

Table properties menu highlighting where to change the headers

Step 4: Previewing your table

Check your table formatting in "Preview" mode and your mobile device to ensure the table is readable and does not exceed the size of the LibGuide box. If it does not look how you expected, go back into the table properties or try pasting it in again. 

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