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UWM LibGuides Training Site

An internal resource page used for training and getting started with LibGuides at the UWM Libraries.

LibGuides Assets

What is an Asset?

Assets are reusable content (widgets, links, databases, books from the catalog, documents).

Reusing Assets

There are two ways to reuse an asset.

  • Mapping: Connects the reused asset to the original. Any updates made to the original will automatically appear in the mapped assets. Mapping is the default when you reuse a link.
  • Copying: the original and the duplicate are not connected and any changes made to the original will not appear in the duplicate.

For more information on mapping and copying, check out Springshare's explanation of mapping versus copying an asset.

Asset Quirks

  • Assets may only be edited by the original creator (or an admin), even if they are used by multiple guide owners.
  • An asset that has been deleted from all guides will remain in the asset management system. These assets are listed as having zero mappings. If you would like to erase them completely, you will need to do so in the asset manager.