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An internal resource page used for training and getting started with LibGuides at the UWM Libraries.

Layout Best Practices

Layout Best Practices

When designing with columns, use the one- or two-column layout. Three or more columns can make the page too bogged down with boxes and less accessible in mobile view.

Choosing a LibGuide Layout:

  • One-column design is best for a page with few boxes and connection between material on the page

  • Two-column and three- column design are only available in top-tab navigation.

  • You do not need a profile box on every page

Before publishing:
  • Change the size of your screen and view the page on your mobile device

    • Does the order of boxes and links make sense in the mobile view?

  • Is the guide browseable? 

  • Adjust your boxes as necessary to ensure students will get the most important information first

Responsive Design Layout Examples

Side tab navigation in desktop view

Demonstration of side navigation menu with 1 column on web browser


Side tab navigation in mobile view

Sample layout of side navigation menu and 1 column in mobile view

Top tab navigation with 2-columns in desktop view

Top tab navigation layout with 2 columns on desktop screen

Top tab navigation with 2-columns in mobile view

Top tab navigation with 2 columns in mobile view

Top tab navigation with 3-columns in desktop view

Top tab layout of LibGuides with 3 columns

Top tab navigation with 3- columns in mobile view

Top tab navigation with 3 columns in mobile view

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