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UWM LibGuides Training Site

An internal resource page used for training and getting started with LibGuides at the UWM Libraries.


Link Best Practices

Hyper linked text should be understood out of context and be descriptive of the destination content.  Consider adding links as “assets” to your guide for clarity and accessibility. 


A "Friendly URL" for your LibGuide landing page is helpful for navigation and the user experience. 


  • Citation Guide (opens in new window) 


Before publishing:
  • Consider if your links make sense out of order
  • Links are more useful when they make sense out of context; 
  • Avoid non-informative link phrases such as:
    • click here, here, more, read more, link to [some link destination], info
  • It's okay to use the URL as a link if it is a short link

Friendly URL Best Practices

Friendly URL Best Practices

Friendly URL examples






Unreadable to both patrons and screen readers. 

Not descriptive of the content within. 


Readable to patrons and screen readers. 

Descriptive of the content within. 

Easy to write on a whiteboard, share via chat, type into a mobile device

Additional Resources


The contents of the Accessibility Tutorial may be reused with attribution. Please copy the following into new works based on the Accessibility Tutorial
Creative Commons LicenseAccessibility Tutorial by Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.