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An internal resource page used for training and getting started with LibGuides at the UWM Libraries.

Adding Alt Text in LibGuide

Adding Alternative Text to Images

Alternative text allows those using assistive technology to understand how images are used in context.


Alternative Text Field

To add alternative text to your images, open you image properties tab and complete the “Alternative Text” box with a description of your image. Decorative images do not need alt text.

Where to add alternative text to the Rich Text/HTML editor in LibGuides

Before publishing:
  • Check your images for Alternative Text
    • Summarize the CONTENT and FUNCTION of the image
    • You do not need to include "Image of"
  • If you have a decorative image, record "decorative image" in the alt text field


Alt Text Basics

Alt Text Basics

Example: Using alternative text to communicate important information 


Charging phone 

Alternative text for image: "Charging phone" 



Plug cable into the bottom edge of the phone. 

Alternative text for image: "Plug cable into the bottom edge of the phone." 

[Alternative text is usually not visible; it is included in this example just so you can see what it is.] from 


White, K., Abou-Zahra, S., and Henry, S. L., (2019). Using alternative text to communicate important information [image]. Web Accessibility Initiative.

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