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Open Access Publication Fund Supports UWM Author Fees

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Since 2012 the UWM Libraries' have supported open access publishing for researchers. Open Access provides access to full-text journal articles without a paywall and makes knowledge more publicly available and easier to spread to wider communities. The University Open Access Publication (UOAP) Fund covers the cost of author submission fees in fully open access journals as defined by inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

Authors may receive 50% of article processing charges (APC) up to $1,000 each year for a single article, which is designed to help make knowledge more open and accessible to the general public, as is part of our mission as a public research institution. To apply, fill out the UOAP application.

Requests for funding must be made for an article immediately upon its acceptance for publication, and requests are granted upon consideration for funding availability and diversifying the balance of colleges and schools they are awarded to. Once accepted, Authors are required to deposit a digital copy of their article (according to the terms of their author agreement) in the UWM Digital Commons.

For recent information about the success of our program, check out Svetlana Korolev's work, "2020 Update of the University Open Access Publication Fund."