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Researcher Orientation to UWM Libraries

For graduate students, faculty, and researchers at UWM

Conversation by Nawicon for the Noun Project

The Research Conversation

  • Events
  • Awards
  • Collections

Active Search by Creative Stall for Noun Project

Active Research

  • Specialized Services
  • Subject Experts
  • Distinctive Collections

Paper by Alice Design for Noun Project

Literature Searching

  • Finding Information
  • Teaching Support

Presentation by Alexander Gruzdev for Noun Project

Publications & Presentations

  • Open Access Publishing Agreements
  • Authors' Rights and Copyright
  • UWM Digital Commons

Planning by Lendades for Noun Project

Planning Research

  • Find Funding
  • Manage Data
  • Reserve library spaces

Preservation by Emma Mitchell for Noun Project

Preserve & Share Research

  • UWM Authors' Collection
  • Open Access Publishing