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Music Orientation Tutorial

Asynchronous orientation lesson for music students

Challenge #5

Challenge #5 is a miniature composition under 90 seconds long 

In addition to thousands of LPs, CDs, and DVDs, the UWM Libraries provide access to several streaming databases for music and video. One way to look for recordings in the library is to use Search@UW, as demonstrated under Challenge #3; Search@UW allows you to search both physical and digital recordings.

But if you have particular criteria that aren't included in the information in Search@UW, like duration, you may have trouble finding results. The streaming music databases use different methods of tagging and organizing music, so sometimes it works best to go straight to the database to do your searching. You can do a simple search by title, composer, or performer, but they also have other filters for things like duration or country of origin that aren't available in Search@UW. Watch the two videos in the playlist below, to see some of the ways filters and advanced search features can be used to explore music in the streaming databases.

Try It

Explore Naxos and Smithsonian Global Sound. Find a piece in each resource for your instrument. What kind of additional details, liner notes, or links does each database provide? This would be a good time to try setting up an account and making playlists.
Note that Naxos has a limit on simultaneous users, so you may have to try a couple of times to get access when your classmates are also doing this exercise. Make sure to log out of Naxos as soon as you're done, so others can access it.

Streaming Audio Resources

UWM subscribes to 3 major streaming audio servicesThe contents of Classical Music Library and Naxos Music Library are also linked in Search@UW, so you may find them while searching there. You can use these services to make your own playlists, for study or for your own listening. Each subscription has limits on the number of simultaneous users, so be aware that you may not always be able to access recordings immediately, and make sure to log out when you're done.

Streaming Video Resources

UWM subscribes to many streaming video databases, which include musical performances and operas, as well as documentary and ethnographic films.