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Music Orientation Tutorial

Asynchronous orientation lesson for music students

Challenge #3

Challenge #3 on the "Listen Wider" list is "A chamber piece for 7-12 players written since 1980." 

Although this is a listening challenge, let's start by looking for pieces we can listen to *and* access in print. UWM's music collection includes scores and parts for chamber music groups up to 13 players; scores and music books are located in the east wing of the second floor of the Golda Meir Library. 

Finding music for a specific number of players AND a specific date range is tricky, unless you understand how scores are organized in library's like ours, that uses the Library of Congress classification system. The Library of Congress system groups materials together by subject area; for scores, that means by instrument or ensemble. The "call numbers" assigned to each score also include a publication date.


To limit your search results to just scores, and to limit to works from 1980 or later, you can use filters or limiters found in Search@UW. You might be familiar with filters from online shopping and other websites, where you can narrow your options using different criteria. Here's a quick intro to using them to find scores in the library. You can use the same approach to limit your results to Audio/Visual resources (including physical recordings and streaming tracks) by choosing that filter.

Try It

Try using Search@UW to find music for septet, and then limit the results to scores from after 1980. Use virtual browse to find other septets around it on the shelves. Compare the information for a couple of your results: do they include parts? are they available at UWM, or would you have to request them from a different library?
Next, try to find a recording of at least one of the works through Search@UW. We won't have recordings of every piece, but you might find other works by the same composer.