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Music Orientation Tutorial

Asynchronous orientation lesson for music students

Music & Performing Arts Librarian

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Anna Grau Schmidt
Golda Meir Library, User Services
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Challenge #2

Challenge #2. A country song released in the last 6 months

Of course, the library, in addition to scores and recordings, the library contains books, journals, and magazines about music. Many of these can be accessed online through databases the library subscribes to, which compile information from many different publications. These can include scholarly books and articles, as well as popular magazines and newspapers, like Billboard and Rolling Stone. Databases may just list the contents of some publications, or they may include entire articles. When we have access to the whole article, it will usually come up in Search@UW searches, but going directly to the databases will allow you to find articles we have access to at UWM, as well as others that we can request through the UW system or Interlibrary Loan. This video introduces Music Periodicals Database, but Music Index and RILM are other music databases that function in a very similar way.


If you know what journal or magazine you're interested in, you can also search for a specific publication and then browse the contents.

Try It

Do a search for "country music" in RILM and in Music Periodicals Database. What kinds of journals or magazines are included in your results? What are the options for accessing the full text of the article? Look for "full text" links or the "Get It" button. 

Music Databases

The library's databases include several focused on music and the performing arts. Some are entirely full-text, meaning they include access to the article itself, and others also include information about books and articles you may need to request from elsewhere. Some are focused on scholarly writings, and some include magazines and trade publications. All of them are helpful in exploring and identifying things you may want to read for your research.