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Nonprofit Research: Library Resources and Services: Searching Tips

Guide to UWM Libraries research tools and library services.

"How To" Videos

Generating Keywords (Search Terms):



Search Logic:

UWM Libraries Information Literacy Tutorial

Tips for Keyword Searching

When searching for books, articles, or other sources in the UWM Libraries databases, use the keyword searching suggestions below for the best results.

Define your research topic / research question.

Write one or more sentences / questions defining your research topic.

 Example: How can nonprofits communicate effectively using social media ?  


Describe your topic using keyword searches.

Select the "keywords" (main concepts) that describe your research topic. To get the best set of search results, also think of synonyms or alternate terms for each of your keywords.


Keywords: nonprofits social media  
  Synonyms: nonprofit organizations social networking  
  Synonyms: not for profits twitter  

• Next, write a few search statements.

Combine your keywords with "and". Remember to use quotation marks, if appropriate.

 Example: "nonprofit organizations" and "social media"


Primary Types of Periodicals