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Nonprofit Research: Library Resources and Services: Legal Research

Guide to UWM Libraries research tools and library services.

Library Subscription Databases

Case Law History

Both Nexis Uni and Westlaw Campus can be used to trace the history of a particular case and to locate other cases citing that case.

Refer to the other two tabs in this box to view information on how to use each database for that purpose.

After searching for a case in WestLaw, the KeyCite section of the screen provides the following information:

        *Direct appellate history of the case
        *Negative citing references to the case
        *References to cases, articles, administrative materials, & other court documents on Westlaw that have cited the case.

Note: The UWM Libraries' subscription to Westlaw Campus does not include the "Monitor with KeyCite Alert" feature.

What do the flags mean?
KeyCite status flags indicate that history is available for the case and should be investigated.

Retrieving a Shepard's® report by citation can be done in a variety of ways.

  • The most common method is to enter "shep:" in the search box, followed by your citation, then press ENTER or click the search button.

Type shep followed by a colon (:) in the Search box, followed by the document citation.

Example: shep: 410 us 73

  • Another option is to enter the citation name in the search box, then click the Shepard's Signal™ indicator next to the document name.

Books in UWM Libraries Collections

Click on the link below to generate a list of books at the UWM Libraries with the following Library of Congress subject heading: