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UW-Milwaukee's Predecessor Institutions.: Milwaukee State Teachers College (1927-1951)

Explains the UWM's predecessor institutions, and explains our relationship to Milwaukee-Downer College. Offers further resources and research suggestions.

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In 1927, the Milwaukee State Normal School became the Milwaukee State Teachers College, and by 1935, all academic programs lasting less than four years were discontinued. The Wisconsin state legislature authorized the college to grant Bachelor's of Science degrees in education in 1937, and enrollment grew exponentially, leading to the construction of many new buildings. Milwaukee State Teachers College granted its first Master's of Education degree in 1945, and in 1951, was authorized by the Wisconsin state legislature to offer liberal arts degrees. The addition of liberal arts degrees to the Milwaukee State Teachers College's academic programs brought about a name change for the school, as it was no longer solely a teachers college. In 1951, the school changed its name to Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee.

Baker Fieldhouse (constructed 1931, demolished 1986)


1927 - Milwaukee State Normal School became Milwaukee State Teacher's College

1931 - Baker Field House and new heating plant opened for use

1935 - All programs lasting less than four years were discontinued, with the exception of the three-year rural education program

1937 - Wisconsin state legislature authorized Milwaukee State Teachers College to grant Bachelor's of Science degrees in education

1937 - Chapman Hall opened

1939 - Pearse Field football stadium first used

1945 - Master's degree in Education offered

1947 - First Master's of Education degree granted

1951 - All state colleges authorized by Wisconsin state legislature to offer liberal arts degrees

1951 - Became Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee