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UW-Milwaukee's Predecessor Institutions.: Home

Explains the UWM's predecessor institutions, and explains our relationship to Milwaukee-Downer College. Offers further resources and research suggestions.


About this guide

This guide summarized the histories of the institutions which, in 1956, became the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM). This guide also answers questions about Milwaukee-Downer College, which was located until 1964 in the buildings now part of the UWM campus, at Downer and Hartford Avenues.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) was established in 1956 after the merger of Wisconsin State College, Milwaukee with the Milwaukee Extension Division of the University of Wisconsin. It was located on the site of Wisconsin State College, on Downer Avenue in what is now Mitchell Hall.

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To do research in historical records, read "For more information" on the pages of this Guide, or ask in the Archives Department.

Diagram of UWM Predecessor Institutions

Mitchell Hall, home of UWM's predecessors

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