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Children's and YA Literature: In the Classroom

Read aloud Resources

Storyline Online's Youtube Channel provides a great resource for finding  Read alouds with famous Storytellers.

For more stories and reviews, search YouTube for Elizabeth Bird

OR catch her blog at Fuse 8 Productions



Find lesson plans that use Children's and YA literature in the Teaching Resources guide and Teaching Books.

What Kids Are Reading Now 
Information about the books read most often by students nationwide

Meta-analysis (2010) by RIF
Shows that access to print materials produces positive behavioral, educational, and psycholoical outcomes

The pleasures of children's literature -- Perry Nodelman
An introduction to academic study of children's literature - not your Grandmother's approach to children's literature

 Americas Award ToolkitAméricas Award winning titles are judged based upon four criteria, includin their potential for classroom use. CLASP has produced and compiled the  curricular resources for classroom preparation.