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Children's and YA Literature: Book Trailers

What is a Book Trailer

What is a book trailer?


Described as a "video advertisement" for books  and “a convergence of story and the arts”, the book trailer bases its form on the popular culture genre of the movie trailer. Distinct from a book talk, book trailers do not summarize books. Instead, they attempt to mimic movie trailers by strategically combining various multimodal resources such as video, to “hook” audiences without revealing the entire plot.


Book Trailers in the Classroom

Book Trailers in the Classroom

A growing number of teachers and librarians have begun to incorporate this media-based genre into their reading initiatives with students.

Professional Book Trailers

Professional Book Trailers

Many book trailers have been made by professional media producers, commissioned by authors or publishing companies with the specific goal to advertising and promote sales of the book. 

Reader/Fan-made examples

Reader/Fan-made Examples 

These examples tend to emphasize the book's content, including quotations as well as phrases and questions that highlight the books' themes. 


Student-made examples:   

Teacher & Librarian-made Models: