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Teaching Resources

Lesson plans for all subjects

Specifically for Wisconsin:
Classroom resources aligned to WI state standards

Wisconsin Digital Archives
Gov't documents and curriculum from DPI

Wisconsin Education Network
Curriculum from WEAC

More Links:
Advancing Excellent Teaching in American Schools   
Multimedia resources for teachers; programs for students

Discovery Education  
Classroom tools, lessons, and lots of advertising

Doing What Works
Research-based educational practices for educators, from US Department of Education

Free Teaching Resources  
Federal resources

Global Schoolhouse
Content focused on collaboration; online tools for educators

Google Education  
Classroom tools, some lesson plans, discussion group

National Education Association
Professional organization; lesson plans, classroom management, etc

OER Commons - Open Educational Resources  
Open access materials, including common core resources

Create rubrics for project-based learning activities

Lesson plans, ideas, and activities 


Common Core Standards
Reflect knowledge and skills for success in college and careers

DPI - Standards Based Instruction
Online tutorials about using the common core

ITSE and the National Educational Technology Standards

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics 
Standards and curriculum focal points for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade mathematics

National Standards for Arts Education
Currently under revision; 1994 version here

Next Generation Science Standards
Based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education by the National Research Council
Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
K12 students standards; includes content, performance, and proficiency standards

Wisconsin Standards for Teachers, Administrators, and Pupil Services
Best professional practice; educator preparation programs; career-long professional development

Online Video Resources

Documentary Films from SnagFilms
Free documentary films online
Smart, entertaining video content

Video lessons - can also create videos

Open Culture
Educational videos, podcasts, and online courses 

PBS Learning Media
Resources PK-12, subject, integrated standards (Replaced Teacher's Domain)

The Teaching Channel
Videos labeled "Lesson Idea Common Core" are CCS aligned

Lessons worth sharing

YouTube Teachers
Educational YouTube videos on multiple subjects