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Teaching Resources

Lesson plans for all subjects

Lesson Plans for all Subjects

Specifically for Wisconsin:
Classroom resources aligned to WI state standards

Wisconsin Digital Archives
Gov't documents and curriculum from DPI

Wisconsin Education Network
Curriculum from WEAC

More Links:

Annenberg Learner  
Multimedia resources for teachers; programs for students

Discovery Education  
Classroom tools, lessons, and lots of advertising

Doing What Works
Research-based educational practices for educators, from US Department of Education

Free Teaching Resources  
Federal resources

Global Schoolhouse
Content focused on collaboration; online tools for educators

Google Education  
Classroom tools, some lesson plans, discussion group

National Education Association
Professional organization; lesson plans, classroom management, etc

OER Commons - Open Educational Resources  
Open access materials, including common core resources

Create rubrics for project-based learning activities

Lesson plans, ideas, and activities 

Tools for Presenting Information

Tools for Presenting Information
Easy to use tool for brainstorming and concept mapping 

Free Technology for Teachers
Blog with links and ideas for classroom use




Common Core Standards
Reflect knowledge and skills for success in college and careers

DPI - Standards Based Instruction
Online tutorials about using the common core

ITSE and the National Educational Technology Standards

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics 
Standards and curriculum focal points for pre-kindergarten through 8th grade mathematics

National Standards for Arts Education

Next Generation Science Standards
Based on the Framework for K-12 Science Education by the National Research Council

Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
K12 students standards; includes content, performance, and proficiency standards

Wisconsin Standards for Teachers, Administrators, and Pupil Services
Best professional practice; educator preparation programs; career-long professional development

Online Video Resources

Online Video Resources

Documentary Films from SnagFilms
Free documentary films online
Smart, entertaining video content

Open Culture
Educational videos, podcasts, and online courses 

PBS Learning Media
Resources PK-12, subject, integrated standards (Replaced Teacher's Domain)

The Teaching Channel
Videos labeled "Lesson Idea Common Core" are CCS aligned

Lessons worth sharing

YouTube Teachers
Educational YouTube videos on multiple subjects