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HIST 294 Seminar on Historical Method: Research Techniques

Library Resources for History 294 with Dr. Amanda Seligman

Searching for Government Documents

Searching ProQuest Congressional

Tutorial video created by Boston College Libraries.

Commonly Used Document Type Filters in ProQuest Congressional:

  • Bills and Laws- Find different drafts of laws
  • Hearings- Find expert testimony related to the policy before it went to vote
  • CRS Reports- Find the research materials about policies and laws provided to congress by the Congressional Research Service (CRS)
  • Congressional Record- Find floor debates and other documents related to congressional session
  • Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations (under "more")- Find presidential communications and orders
Historical Documents: Start with UWM Archives and Area Research Center


Milwaukee Campus Library 3rd floor, West wing

Help with:

  • Inter-archives loan requests for Wisconsin Historical Society materials, including some state records.
  • History reference materials and vital statistics for Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Washington, and Waukesha Counties
  • University records and local manuscript collections
  • WTMJ Footage
Documents since the 2010's-> Visit the Government Information Guide