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HIST 294 Seminar on Historical Method: Research Techniques

Library Resources for History 294 with Dr. Amanda Seligman

In-Class Activity

Workshop Links and Documents:

Activity Sample Topics:

  1. Cuban Missile Crisis

  2. Panama Canal

  3. The Hollywood Blacklist/ House Un-American Activities Committee

  4. Passage of Title IX

  5. American Indian Movement

  6. Million Man March

Recommended Tertiary Source Search Tools

Find Tertiary (Reference) Sources

Library Databases
Scholarly Online Encyclopedias

Search the Catalog for Tertiary Sources

Search For Tertiary (Reference) Sources in Search@UW

  1. Search using terms that describe your topic in Search@UW (the library catalog). Click the magnifying glass icon to the right to search.
  2. After your search results load, look at the filter options on the left side of the page. Go to the "Resource Type" filter, and click on "Show More"
  3. Click on "Reference Entries." This will limit your search results to tertiary sources, including encyclopedia articles/entries. 
  4. Click on the title of the reference article/entry you'd like to read. Look under "View Online" for the database link for the tertiary source.

    Important: the database link may take you to the landing page for the entire tertiary source, not the specific article/entry you need. In this case, locate the entry alphabetically by title, search the text of the book, or use the page numbers of the article to navigate to your reference entry.

catalog record for a reference entry titled Area 51. The reference text title (Paranormal Phenomena), the page numbers of the entry, and the location of the database links are highlighted