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English 205: Business Writing: Welcome / Research Plan

For students working on Eng205 research reports

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Other Library Research Guides

Working on other course assignments or need additional information? You may find it helpful to explore these library guides:

Research Plan for English 205

Welcome English 205 students!

This guide models a path for you to follow when doing research for your English 205 project.

The information provided throughout the guide along with the tasks in the Library Research Activity worksheet will help you select useful research tools and locate relevant articles and statistics to support your research report.

** On each of the other four tabs in this guide, follow the instructions in the upper-left box titled Research Activity.  Here is a typical path to follow through the modules:

Library Research Activity Worksheet

Please refer to the instructions located in the upper-left box titled Research Activity on each of the other four tabs in this guide. They will direct you to complete specific tasks both in this guide and on the worksheet.