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Information about obtaining materials for online, distance and FLEX option students and faculty.

College-Level Research Tutorial

College-Level Research Tutorial


Each module of this tutorial will help you understand and do the work of college-level research. Through a series of examples, how-to videos, practice activities, and reflection questions, each section of the tutorial supports growth in different stages of curiosity-driven scholarship. Modules are designed to build upon one another, but each module can be used on its own. As a whole, this tutorial is meant to support your growth and development as a college student and engaged digital citizen.

Knowledge and skills:

The College-level Research tutorial is designed to help you build on the research strategies you already use. These modules are designed to teach you practices and ways of thinking about information that will allow you to:

  • Transform personal curiosity into college-level inquiry
  • Understand and select sources based on their author, audience, and purpose
  • Strategically and methodically search for sources to support a specific research objective
  • And to share your ideas in ways that do not silence or exploit the work of others

Choose a Module:

Module 1-Focusing your curiosityModule 2-Thinking critically about sources

Module 3- Developing a College-level Search StrategyModule 4- Creating and Crediting

Writing without Plagiarism

Writing Without Plagiarism

This is a guide to organizing your research and writing process so that you minimize the risk of plagiarism. It will help you answer questions like:

What is Plagiarism?Do I need to cite this?How do I cite this?How do I keep track of all the sources I use?