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Online and Distance Education Services

Information about obtaining materials for online, distance and FLEX option students and faculty.

What Services can I access?

March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Update

At this time we are recommending that all students shift to using all digital resources. This includes students who normally use our Distance Library Services. The UWM Library is currently not able to process requests for books and other physical materials.  Articles and book chapters can still be requested, but the delivery time will be longer than usual due to disruptions in workflows. 

Welcome to UWM Online Library Services

It's easy as 1, 2, 3. 1 UWM Campus ID, 2 PantherCard, 3 Use the Library.Online students and faculty have access to the same resources and support from UWM Libraries that are available to students and teachers in a traditional campus setting.

All you need is your Campus ID, PantherCard, and Library Account.

UWM Campus ID


Use the Campus ID Finder to have your 11 digit UWM Campus ID number sent to your email account.

You are going to need it to access library resources!



If you are a student enrolled only in online courses, you can still obtain a PantherCard as a way of verifying your affiliation with UW-Milwaukee. See the Student Business section on PantherCards for Online & Distance Students.

Use the Library


Set up your library account

As an online student, you will need to set up a library account also known as an ILLiad account. ILLiad lets you have all of the articles you request delivered electronically. It also allows you to have requested books mailed to your home (if you take all of your classes online).

You can request items, track their status, view your request history, and renew books loaned to you from other libraries.

How to sign up

Contact the Interlibrary Loan office at 414-229-4493 or email or

You should include:

  • Your name
  • Your UWM ID number
  • Your major/program.

Don't forget!

Be sure your home address is up to date in PAWS. This is the address used to mail materials.

If you would like items to be mailed to a different address (i.e. work address), please notify Beth Kucera in the Interlibrary Loan Office.

Now make your requests

To request items, go to ILLiad and login with your 11-digit campus ID number and last name. ALL REQUESTS need to be submitted in ILLiad, including items owned by UWM and other UW libraries.