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WAK INT 284 - Honors Seminar

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On this page, you will find tutorials modeling how to search a library database and look for the full-text of an article if it is not linked.  You will also find links to selected library databases for your research.

Selected Databases

Databases by Subject Area

Library databases offer an organized collection of sources that were published somewhere else first.  Many databases have a specific subject area focus (ie. History).

Help using education databases - advanced search - creating a lesson plan

ERIC - Getting the most out of a scholarly subject-based (education) database like ERIC means using an advanced search.

Type in your subject/topic and consider adding one of the following narrowing search terms:

  • lesson plans
  • curriculum guides
  • planning
  • units of study
  • instructional materials
  • study guides

To narrow further by education level, scroll down to the bottom of the Advanced Search screen and limit your search results with the following limiters:

  • Education Level: Adult Education (use Ctrl button and also select Grade 10 or Grade 11)
  • Optional: just below Education Level you will find "Intended Audience" - you could add Teacher or, possibly, Student to narrow your search even further

Here are two other education-focused article databases that may have articles and lesson plans on your topics.

Teaching Reference Center - articles from professional/trade publications and selected academic journals geared toward teachers and teaching administrators. 

Education Research Complete - full-text database on topics related to all levels of education. Includes area of curriculum instruction. 

Using Databases