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American Indian Studies: Policy Studies

The Electa Quinney American Indian Education and Policy Studies Institute

Continuing the tradition of Electa Quinney, a Stockbridge-Mohican woman and the first public school teacher in Wisconsin, UWM established the Electa Quinney American Indian Education and Policy Studies Institute. Initiated through the generous gift of the Indian Community School, the Institute is a catalyst for American Indian education and policy initiatives, facilitating the development of new programs, services, and research opportunities at UWM, in partnership with the American Indian community and tribes in Wisconsin. The Institute carrries out a comprehensive agenda for American Indian programming at UWM, and its transdisciplinary mission brings together perspectives Indian-related and faculty from many different disciplines, to focus on American education and policy studies.

For more information, contact
The Electa Quinney Institute


Journals and articles are available using UWM's databases, however you may also search individual journals:

The American Indian Quarterly

American Indian Law Review
American Indian legal and cultural issues

The Canadian Journal of Native Studies
Online, full-text avail - 2005-1981

Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl
On-line, full-text, en espanol


Journal of American Indian Education

Native Studies Review
Aboriginal perspectives in contemporary & historical contexts

Studies in American Indian Literatures
current -2004

Wicazo Sa Review
Articles, essays, interviews, reviews, literary criticism, and scholarly research pertinent to Native American Studies and related fields