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American Indian Studies: Cultures and Creative Expression

Arts & Cultural Organizations

Arts and Cultural Organizations

Alaska Native Knowledge Network

American Indian Film Gallery

American Indian Film Institute
Non-profit media arts center serving the culture, traditions, and issues of contemporary Native Americans

American Indians in Children's Liteature

Amerinda Inc
American Indian Artists Inc - art, books, film

Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures

Canyon Records- Native American Music Podcast

Cradleboard Teaching Project - Curriculum Materials

Emory Women's Writers Resource Project

Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Economic development through the Indian arts and crafts market; Indian Arts and Crafts Act

Indian Summer Festivals, Inc. (no link)

Indigenous Language Institute

Institute of American Indian Arts 
Creativity and leadership in Native arts and cultures

Project HOOP
“Honoring Our Orgins and Peoples” - through Native American theater

Sequoyah National Research Center 
American Native press archives

Storytellers: Native American Authors Online

Yellow Bird Productions
Dance group presenting a repertoire of authentic Apache, Southwest and Northern Plains dances 

Author Profile

Author Profile: Joy Harjo

Joy Harjo, author and musician (Muscogee)


Helen Hardin (Santa Clara Pueblo)

Ojibwe Language Resources

Ojibwe Language Resources

Ojibwe People's Dictionary
Searchable, talking Ojibwe-English dictionary, 1000's of words

From U Mich, lessons, stories, etc


Jim Northrup (Anishinaabe)
I used to be known as a bullshitter but that didn't pay anything. I began calling myself a storyteller - a little better, more prestige - but it still didn't pay anything. I became a freelance writer. At first it was more free than lance, then I started getting money for my words. (Rez Road Follies)

More Culture and Language Resources

More Culture and Language Resources

Our Mother Tongues - Information and links to some tribal language programs and efforts

The Ways - Stories of culture and language from the Great Lakes