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Evidence Based Practice Tutorial

Using an Evidence Table

An evidence table is a way of taking articles that work for a topic you are researching and putting them together to parse through the evidence they present.

This allows you to:

  1. break down the details of each article, its methodology, evidence type, and strength of evidence.
  2. once each article has been broken down, see the evidence in relation to each other; a "bigger picture" of your topic.

How to Use an Evidence Table


EBP-Related Issue

Design Type

Study Design and Study Outcome Measure(s)

Study setting and Study Population

Study Intervention

Key Findings

Author(s), Year

Describe the issue the article addresses and how it relates to your Research Q

Type of Article and Level of Evidence 1-5 (1 being highest for Critical Analysis, 2 for RCT, 3 for NRCT, 4 for Cohort Study, 5 for Case Study, NA for others such as Prospective Study)

Describe Methodology of study such as interventions taken or questionnaires used

Describe location and characteristics (Such as demographics) of who was involved in the research.

How did the study use the intervention, i.e. the main variable?

What were the outcomes?

Reuse & Attribution