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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Guide to identifying open textbooks and open educational resources. Information about UWM's Open Textbook initiative.

Student Curation and OER Webinar

On April 26, Student Curation and Open Educational Resources: A World Languages Model,” an online pedagogy workshop by Dr. Kathryn Murphy-Judy (School of World Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University), April 26, 2023.

Dr. Murphy-Judy shared her innovative student curation model in conjunction with Open Educational Resources (OER). It is applicable to all languages and can be adapted to a variety of intermediate and advanced language and culture courses. Curation by students promotes not only their development of oral and written language proficiency, but also provides them with experiential learning opportunities that prepare them to use languages in real-world contexts and ultimately in professional capacities. OER and curation examples will include French, Spanish, German, ASL, Chinese and Russian.