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The UWM Libraries include online and physical collections in music, dance, and theater, and a full-time Music & Performing Arts Librarian to help you with your classwork and advanced research. This guide provides an introduction to the resources available.​​​​

Essential Library Services

Other Libraries

As a Distance-Ed student, you are entitled to use the UWM Libraries' resources all year round. We will ship physical materials to you, you have logon access to all of the Libraries' databases and full Interlibrary Loan access for articles (which are usually delivered electronically), and our reference services are always available to you through email, live chat, or phone. See the tab on Services for Distance Ed students for more information.

However, there may be times when using a local library and its resources will serve you better. Sometimes there can be a real advantage to being able to look the librarians in the eye as you ask your questions and/or being able to check a book out immediately rather than waiting for UWM to send our copy to you.

So, don't forget that wherever you live there is a local library, and with it professional librarians who will help you. It may be a public library where you can get a library card for free - and if you're in a big city like New York or Boston, they have professional subject specialist librarians who can help you. It may be an academic library where you're welcome to use resources 'in-house' and ask questions of the librarians. Some academic libraries have some form of 'Friends of the Library' which gives you library borrowing privileges in exchange for an annual membership fee. Searching with your location 'turned on' will help you locate materials that are close by.