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English 102: College Writing and Research

Library help and tips for English 102

How to Research for a Report

The purpose of the report project is to provide information to a specific stakeholder or audience

Select sources that appeal to your stakeholders and address their concerns.

To find more resources related to stakeholders - see the "All Segments - Where to Search" page. 

What are Stakeholders?

What is a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is someone who affects an issue or is affected by it. For example, a college student studying public health, a dentist, and a business owner are all stakeholders who may be interested in the outcome of a new city-wide health initiative.

What does this mean for my research?

Identifying stakeholders can help you determine where and what to look for next. Stakeholders are experts due to their first-hand experiences, and share their knowledge through sources they create. These stakeholders can help us to understand who may be writing articles, blogs, or policies on your topic. Stakeholders may be community organizations, government agencies, or people of a specific demographic or identity.

What does it mean to write for a specific stakeholder?

It's important to know your audience! What does your reader care about? What may be of interest to them?

Find Sources by and for Academic Stakeholders

Watch the three videos: 1. Who are stakeholders, 2. Using library databases, and 3.Where's the source? Use the arrow commands below the media player to move on to the next video.


Scholarly Articles and Books

These tools may be helpful to find works created by academic stakeholders. 


Screenshot reads 1. The issue, 2. Stakeholders (WHO), 3. Source types (WHAT), 4. Access (WHERE)