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English 102: College Writing and Research

Library help and tips for English 102

Your Research Journey

Welcome as you begin your research journey! 

These resources will help you think about how to organize your thoughts for searching, how to search in web engines, and more resources on understanding various parts of rhetoric. 

Organize What You Know

Watch the three videos: 1.Mind-mapping to Plan Your Research 2. PREsearch Before you REsearch, and 3. Brainstorming Keywords. Use the arrow commands below the media player to move on to the next video.

Visual Representation of the Rhetorical Situation

three overlapping circles of writer, subject, audience, converges in the middle with "text"

From the Justin Jory chapter "The Rhetorical Situation" from the book "Rhetoric: How We Examine Writing in the World"

Rhetorical Situation Help