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English 102: College Writing and Research

Library help and tips for English 102

UWM Libraries Support English 102

This guide is designed to support you as you:

  • apply course concepts like rhetorical situation, information cycle, and stakeholders 

  • craft a search strategy by organizing what you know 

  • find sources to use in your projects, tips for the genre you're composing, and details about opportunities to publish your work

Library Instruction Rooms

Room A and B: These classrooms are located on the first floor in the North end of the Daniel M. Soref Learning Commons.

After entering the library, follow the long desk, take a slight left past the bathrooms, and Classroom B will be to your left and Classroom A will be in front of you. 

Map of the first floor of the west wing of the Golda Meir Library.

Visual Representation of the Rhetorical Situation

three overlapping circles of writer, subject, audience, converges in the middle with "text"

From the Justin Jory chapter "The Rhetorical Situation" from the book "Rhetoric: How We Examine Writing in the World"

Rhetorical Situation Help