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Dance MFA Orientation Session

Activity: Search@UW Metadata

Group Activity:

For your group's item, determine:

  • What is the title of the item?
  • What is the format of the item?
  • Who created the item?
  • What is the date of publication?
  • If it's a digital item, what is the name of the company or collection(s) that allows you to view it online?
  • If it's a physical item, where in the library would you find it?

Activity: WorldCat and ILLiad

Group Activity:

Return to your group's catalog item. 

  • Can you find the same item in WorldCat
  • How can you be sure it's the same item? What metadata could you look at?
  • How hard was it to locate and identify?
  • How does the layout of the information compare to Search@UW?
  • Click the ILLiad request button and explore the form you would use to request the item.