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Communication 103: Commun 103 Discussion Session

Library research help for students preparing speeches for Communication 103


Hello and welcome to your Communication 103 library workshop session!
The goals of today's workshop are:
  • Assist with finding appropriate databases to search based on your search topic
  • Identify search strategies for finding relevant articles related to your speech topic
  • Learn how to properly cite using APA
  • Discuss finding Milwaukee specific information in UWM's collection and beyond
  • Complete the Library Workshop assignment and learn new skills for finding additional articles for your speeches

Capture: Choose the right tool for your search

Apply: Apply prior knowledge on your topic to create keywords and searches

Assess: Reflect and analyze what information you have found

Cite: Create a properly formatted APA citation for your source

Helpful resources for today's session

Warm up questions

Is TikTok the best social media platform?
Yes: 127 votes (26.85%)
No: 346 votes (73.15%)
Total Votes: 473
It is best to wake up early and get started on the day.
Yes: 364 votes (86.46%)
No: 57 votes (13.54%)
Total Votes: 421

Searching for a Milwaukee specific topic?

If your speech topic is about an issue in Milwaukee, you may have difficulty finding a research article specifically about your topic in Milwaukee in our academic databases. There are a couple of ways to approach this issue:

1. Use "Milwaukee" as a keyword in your search in a database like Search@UW because you may be able to find news articles as well as peer-reviewed sources

2. Search your topic without Milwaukee, for example, "human trafficking," and use the articles you find to demonstrate the issue on a larger scale and supplement with Milwaukee specific information from sources like local non-profits and newspapers

3. Search using "Wisconsin" instead of Milwaukee

Helpful resources from the UWM Libraries' Digital Commons:

LibKey Nomad