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Criminal Justice

Information resources for researching criminal justice topics

Searching for Data

Before you start your search consider:

  • What is your research question? What type of data or statistical information do you need?
  • Who or what organizations are also interested in your research question? Who would create or manage that information? What data sources have been used to answer topics related to the same or similar research questions (for example, those found in literature reviews)
  • What geographical location does your data need to cover? National, state, county, municipality, census tract, etc?
  • How is the data collected? What is the methodology or unit of analysis?
  • When was the data collected? What is the time period you want to investigate? How frequently is the data collected?

National Criminal Justice Data & Statistics

Wisconsin Criminal Justice Data

Find Datasets

Find Government Data and Statistics


Search or browse the departments and agency index to determine which department or agency collects data on your topic. Look for "library", "resources", or "research" on agency websites to find published data.

Browse Census Bureau topics and subtopics to help find the information you need.