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Freshwater Sciences



This guide provides an introduction to information resources for the School of Freshwater Sciences.

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New Resources

UWM School of Freshwater Sciences


Research areas at the School of Freshwater Sciences:

Freshwater System Dynamics are the physical, chemical, geological, and biological components of freshwater systems and  how they change, cycle, and interact over time (including limnology, ecology, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, hydrology, meteorology, and mathematics).

Human and Ecosystem Health is the connections between people and freshwater; encompassing toxicology, microbiology, genetics, genomics, public health, urban planning, and other related disciplines.

Freshwater Technology focuses on developing new technologies for scientific exploration, observation, monitoring, sampling, and forecasting, as well as for conservation, food production, and water treatment; draws upon engineering, computer science, and other related disciplines.

Freshwater Economics, Policy, and Management focus on the transfer of scientific knowledge to the public domain and to develop strategies and tools for addressing freshwater resource problems and conflicts; economics and law, highly interdisciplinary.