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Curriculum Collection Book Lists: Gender, Sex Roles, and LGBTQ+

Gender & Sex Roles

Books about gender and sex roles are studied frequently by Curriculum Collection patrons. This page is intended to make searching for these books easier. Below is an extensive, though not comprehensive, list of titles in our collection. Clicking on a book title will lead to the catalog entry, where a summary and list of topics covered within it can be found.


The topics of gender and sex roles can also be searched as keywords from the Curriculum Collection web page. However, cataloging has not always served the gender, sex roles, and LGBT topics well, and many fiction titles lack specific subject headings. Looking at the reference title, LGBTQAI+ Books for Children and Teens: Providing a Window for All  (CCM) (REF) HQ 73 .D677 2018, could provide more options.

Selection of Books

Picture Books and Other Short Books

Baldacchino, Christine.  Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress.  (PICT) B175m

Banks, Kate.  Mama's Coming Home.  (PICT) B218mc

Brannen, Sarah.  Uncle Bobby's Wedding.  (PICT) B8216u

Brenner, Barbara.  The Prince & the Pink Blanket.  (PICT) B8382p

Bridges, Shirin Yim.  Ruby's Wish.  (PICT) B8513r

Carlson, Nancy.  Louanne Pig in Making the Team.  C2842l

Carrick, Malcolm.  Mr. Tod's Trap.  C3165m

Curato, Mike.  Worm Loves Worm.  (PICT) A938w 2016

DePaola, Tomie.  The Art Lesson.  (PICT) D419ar

Oliver Button is a Sissy.  (PICT) D419o

Douglass, Barbara.  The Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest.  (PICT) N812c

Elwin, Rosamund.  Asha's Mums.  (PICT) E5231a

Ewert, Marcus.  10,000 Dresses.  (PICT) E947t

Fierstein, Harvey.  The Sissy Duckling.  (PICT) F465s 2002 / (PICT) F465s 2005

Gag, Wanda. Gone is Gone, or, the Story of a Man Who Wanted to Do Housework.  (PICT) G132g

Geeslin, Campbell.  Elena's Serenade.  (PICT) G298e / (REF) Americas 2004 G298e

Gould, Lois.  X, a Fabulous Child's Story.  (PICT) G697x

Haan, Linda de.  King & King.  (PICT) H1117k

Herthel, Jessica and Jazz Jennings.  I am Jazz!  306.76 H574i 2014

Hopkinson, Deborah.  Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings.  (PICT) H797g

Howard, Elizabeth Fitzgerald.  Virgie Goes to School with Us Boys.  (PICT) H848v

Isadora, Rachel.  Max.  (PICT) I74m

Kay, Verla.  Rough, Tough Charley.  921 P246k

Kilodavis, Cheryl. My Princess Boy: A Mom's Story About a Young Boy Who Loves to Dress Up.  301.41 K488m

Klein, Norma.  A Train for Jane.  (PICT) K643t

Leaf, Munro.  The Story of Ferdinand.  (PICT) L434s

Lester, Helen.  Hooway for Wodney Wat.  (PICT) L6418h

Levy, Elizabeth.  Nice Little Girls.  (PICT) L6678n

Love, Jessica.  Julián is a Mermaid.  (PICT) L897j 2018

Mayeno, Laurin.  One of a Kind, Like Me = Único Como Yo.  460 M468o 2016 

McCully, Emily Arnold.  Beautiful Warrior: Legend of the Nun's Kung Fu.  (PICT) M1328b

McKee, David.  Snow Woman.  (PICT) M1532s

Newman, Leslea.  Belinda's Bouquet.  (PICT) N5528b

Daddy, Papa, and Me.  (BOARD) N5528d

Heather Has Two Mommies.  (PICT) N5528h

Mommy, Mama, and Me.  (BOARD) N5528m

Oelschlager, Vanita.  A Tale of Two Daddies.  (PICT) O288t

A Tale of Two Mommies.  (PICT) O288tm

Okimoto, Jean Davies.  The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption.  (PICT) O415w

Pearson, Susan.  Everybody Knows That!  (PICT) P362e

Pitman, Gayle E.  This Day in June.  (PICT) P6854t 2014

Polacco, Patricia.  In Our Mothers' House.  (PICT) P762io

Richardson, Justin.  And Tango Makes Three.  (PICT) R5238a

Rudolph, Marguerita.  The Sneaky Machine.  (PICT) R917s

Setterington, Ken.  Mom and Mum are Getting Married!  (PICT) S4951m

Smith, Lane.  Madam President.  (PICT) S6542m

Thomas, Pat.  This is My Family: A First Look at Same-Sex Parents.  306.874 T454t

Willhoite, Michael.  Daddy's Roommate.  (PICT) W7148d

Wyeth, Sharon Dennis.  Tomboy Trouble.  W979t

Zolotow, Charlotte.  William's Doll.  (PICT) Z86wi

YA Novels and Longer, More Difficult Books for Older Readers

Bates, Betty.  The Great Male Conspiracy.  B329g

Bauer, Marion Dane (editor).  Am I Blue?: Coming Out From the Silence.  808.83 A479

Birdsall, Bridget.  Double Exposure.  B6179d

Callender, Kheryn.  Hurricane Child.  C157h 2018

Chbosky, Stephen.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  C513p

Chibbaro, Julie.  Deadly.  C5327d

Correia, Tony.  Same Love.  C825s 2017

Cronn-Mills, Kirstin.  Beautiful Music for Ugly Children.  C9479b

Daniels, April.  Dreadnought.  D185d 2017

Dooley, Sarah.  Ashes to Asheville.  D689a 2017

Downham, Jenny.  Unbecoming.  D749u 2016

Ellis, Deborah.  The Breadwinner.  E472b

Federle, Tim.  Better Nate Than Ever.  F2939b 2013

Fine, Anne.  Alias Madame Doubtfire.  F495a

Gino, Alex.  George.  G492g 2015

Grahame, Kenneth.  The Reluctant Dragon.  G742r

Green, John and David Levithan.  Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  G796w

Greenwald, Sheila.  The Secret in Miranda's Closet.  G816s

Holm, Jennifer L.  Our Only May Amelia.  H748o

Huser, Glen.  Stitches.  H969s

Katcher, Brian.  Almost Perfect.  K1964a

Knudson, R. R.  Zanbanger.  K745z

Zanballer.  K745zb

Kuklin, Susan.  Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out.  306.76 K95b

Lauren, Christina.  Autoboyography.  L378a 2017

Lecesne, James.  Trevor.  L457t

Levithan, David.  Boy Meets Boy.  L6664b

Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List: A Novel.  L6664n

Two Boys Kissing.  L6664t 2013

Lichtman, Wendy.  The Boy Who Wanted a Baby.  L699b

McLemore, Anna-Marie.  When the Moon Was Ours.  M4787w 2016

Messner, Kate.  Marty McGuire.  M5857m

Newman, Leslea.  October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard.  N5528o

Perkins, Mitali.  Rickshaw Girl.  P4481r

Peters, Julie Anne.  Luna.  P482l

Podos, Rebecca.  Like Water.  P7428l 2017

Reeve, Philip.  Fever Crumb.  R333f

Russo, Meredith.  If I was Your Girl.  R9697i 2016

Sanchez, Alex.  Rainbow Boys.  S2111r

Silvera, Adam.  More Happy Than Not.  S586m 2015

Smith, Andrew.  Grasshopper Jungle: A History.  S6422g

Spinelli, Jerry.  There's a Girl in My Hammerlock.  S7573t

Staples, Suzanne Fisher.  The House of Djinn.  S794hd

Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind.  S794s

Stevenson, Robin.  Pride: Celebrating Diversity & Community.  306.76 R658p 2016

Surmelis, Angelo.  The Dangerous Art of Blending In.  S9618d 2019

Ure, Jean.  What if They Saw Me Now?  U75w

Walden, Tillie.  On A Sunbeam.  W1636o 2018

Walliams, David.  The Boy in the Dress.  W2111b

Walter, Mildred Pitts.  Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World.  W233j

Wang, Jen.  The Prince and the Dressmaker.  W2458p 2018

Wilson, Martin.  We Now Return to Regular Life: A Novel. W7494w 2017

Wittlinger, Ellen.  Parrotfish.  W8324p