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Curriculum Collection Book Lists: Feelings and Emotions


Books which are about feelings and emotions are frequently requested by Curriculum Collection patrons. This page is intended to make searching for these books easier. One way to find books about emotions is to look below this explanation, where a selection of them have been collected. Clicking on a book title will lead to the catalog entry for that book, where a summary and list of topics covered within it can be found.

The two topics of feelings and emotions can also be searched as keywords from the Curriculum Collection web page; either term will bring up a list with a wide variety of materials. If you are looking for a specific emotion, searching directly by the term as a keyword may be most effective, e.g.:







Selection of Books

Picture & Board Books

Patricelli, Leslie.  Baby Happy, Baby Sad.  (BOARD) P3141ba

Willems, Mo.  The Pigeon has Feelings Too!: A Smidgeon of Pigeon.  (BOARD) W699ph

Bang, Molly.  When Sophie Gets Angry—Really, Really Angry.  (PICT) B216w

Dewdney, Anna.  Llama Llama Mad at Mama.  (PICT) D5159m

Emberly Ed (Illustrated by Anne Miranda).  Glad Monster, Sad Monster: A Book About Feelings.  (PICT) E5257gl / (PICT) E5257gl 2008

Fatio, Louise.  The Happy Lion’s Quest.  (PICT) F253hq

Frame, Jeron Ashford.  Yesterday I Had the Blues.  (PICT) F813y / (PICT) F813y 2008

Freymann, Saxton & Elffers, JoostHow Are You Peeling?: Foods with Moods.  (PICT) F894h

Seuss, Dr.  My Many Colored Days.  (PICT) G313my

Harris, Robie.  The Day Leo Said, “I Hate You!”  (PICT) H315d

Hooks, Bell.  Grump, Groan, Growl.  (PICT) H785g 2008

Juster, Norton.  Sourpuss and Sweetie Pie.  (PICT) J96s

Maclear, Kyo.  Virginia Wolf.  (PICT) M1634v 2012

OHora, Zachariah.  No Fits, Nilson! (PICT) O38n 2013 

Rosen, Michael.  Michael Rosen’s Sad Book.  (PICT) R8129s 

Spinelli, Eileen.  The Giggle and Cry Book.  (PICT) S757g 

Verplancke, Klaas.  Applesauce.  (PICT) V551a 2012

Watts, Melanie.  Scaredy Squirrel.  (PICT) W344s 2006

Willems, Mo.  My Friend is Sad.  (PICT) W699m 

Winthrop, Elizabeth.  Are You Sad, Mama?  (PICT) W791a

Wollf, Mia.  Catcher.  (PICT) W8552c

Wolff, Robert.  Feeling Blue.  (PICT) W8554f 

Yorinks, Arthur.  Happy Bees.  (PICT) Y613ha 



McGhee, Alison.  Julia Gillian (and the Quest for Joy).  M478jq

Snyder, Carol.  Leave Me Alone, Ma.  S6748l

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.  The Fear Place.  N333fe

Kerr, M. E.  Is That You, Miss Blue?  K414i

Myracle, Lauren.  TTYL.  M998t

Telgemeier, Raina.  Smile.  T271s

Winnick, Judd.  The Big Book of Barry Ween, Boy Genius.  W772




Cain, Barbara.  Double-Dip Feelings: Stories to Help Children Understand Emotions.  152.4 C135d

Spilsbury, Richard.  Emotions: From Birth to Old Age.  152.4 S756e 2013

Le Shan, Eda.  What Makes Me Feel This Way? Growing Up with Human Emotions.  152.4 L629w

Aliki.  Feelings.  152.4 B817f

Lalli, Judy.  Feelings Alphabet: An Album of Emotions From A to Z.  152.4 L198f

Stein, Mark.  Good and Bad Feelings.  152.4 S819g

Crary, Elizabeth.  I’m Mad.  152.4 C893m 

McGovern, Ann.  Feeling Mad, Feeling Sad, Feeling Bad, Feeling Glad.  152.44 M146f

Berger, Terry.  I Have Feelings.  152.4 B496i

Leonard, Marcia.  Scared.  155.4 L5812sc

Angelou, Maya.  Life Doesn’t Frighten Me.  811.54 A584 l *

Holbrook, Sara.  By Definition: Poems of Feelings.  811.54 H724b *

Holbrook, Sara.  I Never Said I Wasn’t Difficult: Poems.  811.54 H724i

Viorst, Judith.  Sad Underwear and Other Complications: More Poems for Children and Their Parents.  811.54 V798s / 811.54 V798s 2000 *

* indicates that the book is specifically poetry on feelings, rather than prose.