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Football at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Archives Dept.: Photographs

History of the football program at UWM and its predecessor institutions, including game photographs and programs.


The 1899 football team from Milwaukee Normal School’s second season. (Echo 1900,  p. 170) Milwaukee Normal School’s football fight song. (Echo 1900, p. 173)

A pile up from 1925 displays the brutality of early football. (Echo 1926) Another 1925 game, which saw Coach Percy Clap replace Coach George Downer as coach of Milwaukee’s football team. (Echo 1926)

A 1925 game showing Milwaukee’s level of football skill before their 1926 turnaround, which won them the Southern Division Championship against Whitewater in 1926. (Echo 1926) Herman Kluge in 1927 as captain of the football team. He would become head coach in 1931 and UWM’s first athletic director. (Echo 1928, p. 130)

A large, dynamic pile up from a 1927 game against Whitewater, which Milwaukee won 12-6. (Echo 1928, p. 137) The 1934 Milwaukee State Teachers College football team. Of particular note is number 35, Sanford Carter, an early African-American football player for Milwaukee. (Photograph from box 14, folder 3, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection)

A pile up from Milwaukee’s 1939 State Championship winning season. (Echo 1940,  p. 117) Milwaukee flourished under Coach Herman Kluge. (Echo 1940, p. 117)

A montage of the 1940 Milwaukee football season under Coach Herman Kluge (lower left corner). (Photograph from box 14, folder 5, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) A 1940s era Green Gull attempts to run through a tackle. (Photograph from box 14, folder 4, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection)

An acrobatic game scene from Milwaukee’s 1947 win against Whitewater Teachers College. (Ivy 1948, p. 62) A quarterback sneak by Alfred Niesen during a 1953 game. (Ivy 1954, p. 126)

Half back Jerry Stanzer (on the right with the ball) is taken down for a 1st down in a 1953 Milwaukee game. (Ivy 1954 p., 126) Guard number 60, Joseph Scaffidi blocking to protect the Milwaukee ball carrier in a 1953 game. (Ivy 1954, p. 126)

Green Gulls flock to deal with an opponent in a 1954 Milwaukee game. (Ivy 1955, p. 69) A Milwaukee Green Gull player jumps to intercept a catch in a 1954 game. (Ivy 1955, p. 69)

A Milwaukee player attempts to stop an opponent in a 1954 game. (Ivy 1955, p. 69) A 1954 Green Gull sprints the ball down the field with opponents close at hand. (Ivy 1955, p. 69)
The 1957 Milwaukee Cardinal defense holds against its opponents. (Ivy 1958, p. 168) Training regimen for the 1961 football season, under Coach Wally Dreyer. (Ivy 1962, p. 139)
The Milwaukee Cardinals work to disrupt a pass in a 1962 game. (Ivy 1963, p. 162) Milwaukee’s opponents disrupt the Cardinals play in a 1962 game. (Ivy 1963, p. 163)
Two 1962 Cardinals bring down the opposing ball carrier. (Ivy 1963, p. 163) Two Panthers train on equipment for the 1965 season, during which UWM was conference-less independent school. (Ivy 1966, p. 176)
More football drills for the 1965 UWM season. (Photograph from box 14, folder 6, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) A pile up during a 1966 Panther game played at Shorewood High School. (Ivy 1967, p. 174)
UWM attempts to block a kick during a 1972 season game. (Photograph from box 14, folder 7, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) An field goal attempt from the 1973 season, UWM's penultimate football season. (Photograph from box 14, folder 8, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection)
A muddy play during an undated game. (Photograph from box 15, folder 1, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection) A surrounded ball carrier during an undated game. (Photograph from box 15, folder 1, UW-Milwaukee Photographs Collection)