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Vietnam War Protests at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Archives Dept.: Vietnam War Protests: The Aftermath, 1975-2001

Overview of protests and rallies held at UWM against the Vietnam conflict during the 1960s and 1970s. Includes photographs and references.

Vietnam War Protests: The Aftermath, 1975-2001

1975: The Wisconsin Veterans Union commissions a memorial plaque for fallen veterans at UWM, but later revokes its permission to formally dedicate the plaque.  The plaque is returned to their office in the Union and languishes for 19 years, long after the group disbands.


November 13, 1994: The memorial plaque is discovered during a routine cleaning of Union storage space. After university police officer Kenneth Neiman undertakes some research as to the purpose of the plaque, Chancellor John Schroeder gives his permission for its installation. It is placed beneath the tree planted by the Wisconsin Veterans Union in 1971.


May 19, 2001: The tree and plaque, along with a second, more modern plaque, is rededicated at a formal ceremony with original members of the Wisconsin Veterans Union and Vietnam Veterans Against the War in attendance.