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Vietnam War Protests at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - Archives Dept.: Home Page

Overview of protests and rallies held at UWM against the Vietnam conflict during the 1960s and 1970s. Includes photographs and references.

Vietnam War Protests at UWM

The early 1950s saw the division of Vietnam between north and south after the Geneva Peace accords between Vietnam and France. Under President Eisenhower, the United States worked to secure South Vietnam as a separate country to counter fears of a communist takeover. The United States supported South Vietnam militarily and economically from 1957 until the collapse of the South Vietnamese government on April 30, 1975. Set against this backdrop of war were the student protests held on many university campuses, including the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

This guide provides information about student protests at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee from 1966 to 1972. It is arranged as three sections: timelines, images, and sources. The timelines section provides brief highlights of events on campus with some illustrations. The images section includes images from primary sources (e.g., photographs, news stories, records) available in the Archives Department of the UWM Libraries. The sources section provides bibliographic citations of those sources in order to facilitate further research of this topic.

About This Research Guide

This guide was created in January 2010 using records and articles from the collections of the Archives Department, UWM Libraries. Allen Ramsey conducted substantial research, selected photographs, and wrote copy for the guide. Brad Houston supervised and edited.

Photographs and documents from archival collections are copyright © Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System with all rights reserved. Images of photographs and articles from the UWM Post are copyright © UWM Post, Inc. All rights reserved and used with permission.

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