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Digital Collection Toolkit: Omeka

Versions of Omeka

Omeka is an open source web publishing platform for creating and sharing digital collections and digital exhibits. It was first launched in 2007 at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media (RRCHNM) and has become one of the most popular DH tools for digital exhibits available. Because it is open source, Omeka is customizable and has a sizable developer community who contribute new plugins and themes on a regular basis. But you can also keep things simple, which makes Omeka a useful tool both for classroom assignments and for more long-term digital exhibits.

There are three versions of Omeka available:

  • Omeka classic at <>: The site is the main site for the Omeka application, plugins, and developer community. Check out the .org site if you are interested in hosting your own Omeka exhibit and/or learning more about the software and development.
  • Omeka classic at <>: The site is a service that provides access to a hosted platform for Omeka. This is a fee-for-service site, but there is a free version of available here as well that is suitable for classroom applications. Find out more by checking out our step-by-step instructions for classroom use: 
  • Omeka S: This is an enterprise version of Omeka, designed for institutional use. We won't go into detail on this version in this LibGuide as it's likely not relevant, but feel free to contact DC&I if you're curious about Omeka S and its applications. 


Omeka Assignment Handout

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