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Education Research

Guide for those researching in the Education field.

APA style is the citation style used in education

   Good beginning tutorials

Additionally, there is a copy of the APA 6th edition behind the Ask-A-Librarian desk

What is a DOI?

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are a combination of numbers and letters providing persistent links to online publications. If available, DOIs are required by the APA 6th.

What does a DOI look like? 

Where do I find a DOI?    Generally, on the first page of an article or the results of a database search.

What if I can't find a DOI?   Retreives the DOI (if one exists). If you still can't find a DOI, you can use the URL for the journal's homepage in the citation. See APA DOI and URL flowchart for more info.

Check your Work to Avoid Plagiarism

You should be able to answer the following questions about your paper or project:

Can you explain what you learned from each source?Do your in-text citation show what you learned from your sources?Can you map your ideas to your notes?


RefWorks and Google Scholar