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Library Resources

This guide is a page of general library resources that can be connected to Canvas Course Sites

Choosing Your Topic

Choosing your topic is research

Research isn't a linear process. After selecting a topic and beginning your research you may find your topic doesn't work, needs to be refocused, or relies on terms you didn't know about. But no research is wasted--picking your topic is research, and research can help you pick your topic.

Watch this video created by NCSU Libraries on how to choose and refine your research topic

Brainstorming Search Terms

Brainstorming Keywords (search terms)

In a library search tool, typing your full research question will bring back few or NO results. Library search tools work best by using keywords--Keywords are terms that capture the big ideas of your research topic. This video demonstrates how to brainstorm keywords (search terms) strategically.

Tips for Using Keywords (search terms)

To find scholarly sources that are a good fit for your research, it helps to choose and combine search terms that reflect the specificity and complexity of academic research topics. This video demonstrates how to combine key terms to get more relevant search results.