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History 850: Colloquium on European History: France's Revolutionary Century

This is the course guide for the Fall 2021 HIST 850 dealing with the historiography of the 1871 Paris Commune.

Doing Historiography

Interrogating Sources for Historiography

  1. What is the surface meaning? (summary)
  2. What evidence and arguments are used/ not used? (positive and negative space)
  3. What intellectual underpinnings shape the historian’s perspective? (epistemology)

Adapted from  Robert Berkhofer’s “Demystifying Historical Authority

explaining metaphor explaining the process of historiography as an aspic (a savory jello mold)

This mini lecture by Australian history teacher, Don Wimble, provides a general overview of the concept of historiography.

This video demonstrates how to leverage the cited sources of scholarly articles to find more relevant literature.

Once you've fond a few key sources, Google Scholar offers several powerful features to maximize your search for scholarly literature.

In-Class Videos