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Information resources to get started in French language research

Tips for Searching in Languages other than English

  • Search with terms in the language of study or English
  • Use the "Language" field in "Advanced Search" in Search@UW and databases 
  • Use the "Language" filter to refine results in your preferred language. If necessary, you can exclude English or other languages from the results in Search@UW
  • Confirm that the work is in the language of study, look for "Language" or "Language of publication" under "Details" in Search@UW and/or database filter


  • Titles and abstracts may be in English even if the article is written in another language
  • Titles in brackets indicate that it is a translation
  • Journal titles may indicate the language of the article (but not always)
  • Language fields are not always correct

Library Terms in Languages other than English

Bilingual Dictionaries

Search for Sources in Languages other than English

For example: You'd like to find books in Spanish about Pablo Picasso to check out from the UWM Libraries and request from other UW-System Libraries. 

  1. Start with an Advanced Search in Search@UW
  2. Enter your search terms or keywords in the "Any Field" box (in this case: Pablo Picasso)
  3. Use the "Language" drop down menu to select your language

This first results list includes:

  • Translations of books that were originally written in Spanish and are now translated into English or another foreign language
  • Books with Spanish and (usually) English side-by-side translations
  • Books written in Spanish​

To further refine your search to include only untranslated books (i.e., books in Spanish):

  1. You must "Exclude" other languages
  2. The final results list includes only books written in Spanish that are available at the UWM Libraries and other UW-System Libraries